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Take control of your Terraform supply chain

Host your modules on our security-first Terraform registry and build TRUST in all of your Terraform dependencies.

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Validate module sources with SLSA Provenance

Ensure your modules come from trusted sources

Achieve SLSA level 4 from day one with automatically signed artifacts and unfalsifiable provenance information for your Terraform modules and dependencies. At runtime, use trust policies to guarantee that all your packages come from verified sources.

Only make available modules that pass security checks

Define auto-reject policies so that only modules that pass automated scans in your workspace are published. We support a wide range of static Terraform analyzers such as tfsec.

Review policy checks and guard faulty modules from being published
Lock your references with confidence

Trust that references don't change

We enforce immutable version tags so that you can be sure existing version references are never swapped out with malicious packages.

Start Protecting Your Terraform Modules

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